The Way of St. James

The Way of St. James 24 maja 2012 wyświetleń: 3992


The ways of St. James are of particular value for the identity of the European continent. They bond its history and culture, they are a symbol of cultural exchange in the united Europe. The importance of the Way of St. James for the cultural heritage of Europe was appreciated by the Council of Europe by announcing in 1987 the first European Cultural Route and calling on governments, cities and non-governmental organisations to restore and maintain the Ways of St. James.

 Walking on the way which is marked by a shell is often done by one person or in a small group. Today’s man needs silence, away from everyday life and hustle, to be on his own with his thoughts.  Such a slowdown, turning away from current affairs, that all favours the return of spirituality. It is not only an interesting journey through picturesque areas which are miles away from home, getting to know the culture of other nations, but also it is a trip inward. The pilgrimage on the cultural European Way is an invaluable experience, not only internal, but also cultural ones.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • reactivation of the historical ways in the cross-border are of Pomerania in enrolling the structure of European cultural ways
  • contribute to improve the competitiveness of this area compared to other regions
  • usage of know-how from existing ways of St. James, mainly from Germany where the reactivation of the way was joined by the scientific community and churches
  • reactivation of way by activating different environments:
    • local government
    • churches
    • social organisations
    • increasing the awareness among residents about the location of their city on the European cultural Way and encouraging them to active creation of the way and to look after its cultural heritage of the region
    • ensuring the consistency resulting from the diversity of functions, which is aimed at: culture, pilgrimage and tourism
    • promotion and testing the abilities of the way as a touristic product by people with disabilities and elders
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